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November 30, 2010
Fatekh Vergasov
We cannot forget the role of Swaps in the existing Crisis...

We do know that Swaps are some kind of "Insurance contract"

But Swaps are out of "Reservation duty", which have all other derivatives...

So far, it looks like nothing was improved in this field, i.e. lesson was not learned

So we have only 3 options:

1. Restrict Swap as instrument of the business...

2. Make "Reservation rules", which have all Insurance companies, duty of every creator of the Swap

3. Do nothing and wait just a little for another crisis.


Look at the existing agressive attacks of the financial institutions, which start re-financig agressive activity.

It looks like they want to get new legal opportunity to create Swaps and pump market with them again

Remark: Without new re-financing contracts they have no opportunity to create derivaties and especially Swaps

October 15, 2010.

Peter Coy. Commentary: Mortgages Lost in the Cloud

Fatekh Vergasov


Mortgage situation was named as a "Problem"... But this is just very very small question...

Problem will be if you'll suddenly find yourself naked at the center point of Nevada desert...

Lets described real problem and not strained sophisticated hokey one...

"Financial plyers" made todays forclosurers "too optimistic about what they could afford" (definition of Timothy Geithner).

It will be wise to forgive said borrowers with hope borrowers will forgive their offenders...

If to do so, not only problem named, but even small questions will disappear into thin air

Since 2012 President election year is in the pipeline, political decision to set forclosurers free should be made in 2011...
Who will make said decision in time, will be our President

October 15, 2010. Charlie Rose talks to Timothy Geithner

Here we go again! Looks like some kind of serial "Interview with wrong people"

Crises decisions should be first of all political one, thus, there are almost no room for advisers of any economical kind...

About 10% of unemployment made mister Timothy Geithner very scarey, afraid, afeard, startled... just watch his photo...

He does know for sure what may happend if somboby like Tea Party finish to critisize and starts to organize said forclosurers and lead them to... , for example, to his office.... After all, China is far away, but Washington DC is much closer...

Part of todays borrowers were used by Financial industry as a blind sitting duck, i.e. financial institutions made them "too optimistic about what they could afford". So said borrowers are just victims of the con looks business practice...

It will be wise to forgive said borrowers with hope borrowers will forgive their offenders...

Since 2012 President election year is in the pipeline, political decision to set forclosurers free should be made in 2011... Who will make said decision in time, will be our President

September 24, 2010. Congress passes small-business bill; Obama will sign
On Sept 21, 2010, the White House announced that Summers would step down from his position on the NEC at the end of the year, to return to Harvard University

How to Fix the Economy: An Expert Panel
Fatekh Vergasov
Not only common people are very upset... It looks like fully formed trend of existing Business Weak magazine - to have interview with wrong people... This time - with so called professionals... Karl Heinrich Marx and John Maynard Keynes were just Economist, but these interviewees are not less then "Senior economist"...

"Crisis" is located in the heads of people, i.e. it has mostly psychological roots (not psychiatrical one), so it should be treated fitty... Such Psychological treatment should be done by statesmen... But how they want to proceed, BW magazine says almost nothing...

Commentary: Dear Craigslist, Grow Up
Pseudolog, i.e. Fatekh Vergasov

Sep 10, 2010 11:33 PM GMT

It looks like paid journalism, i.e. jeans... It looks like famous information trick - deflection with intention to cach file It looks like people have nothing more important to talk about... so there no 9-11, no crisis any more? I cannot get:
1. If said Craigslist activity is legal... Just Yes or Not, please
2. If The Nation still wants to live according to the Constitution, which has certain amount of Morality in it?

Commentary: The Good Old Bad Days
Fatekh Vergasov
Sep 4, 2010 2:43 PM GMT

hi, "scrapping the Internal Revenue Code be the main driver for a boom in any economy" will be perfect optimistic signal, which may change the people's mood... By the way this articrle photo kills optimistic optimistic idea of the article Most peoples in this magazine (and many many others) are pessimistic or sad mood sad... or are smiling strenuously like they suffer coprostasia
SCL Sep 4, 2010 1:11 PM GMT My question is why would scrapping the Internal Revenue Code be the main driver for a boom in any economy?

Fatekh Vergasov
Sep 4, 2010 10:37 AM GMT

First of all we should understand that Crisis is the Psychological phenomenon, not economical or financial one. Crisis is always about Faith... which was destroyed by enviers... So, restoration of the Faith should be our first concern... So, people don't need speachless and tongue-tied economists, finansists or other Specialists' smart articles...
They want to hear speach of first-rate statesman... People need new pastor / evangelist, who will fly the Bull 24/7, i.e. manage an audience. Somebody like Alan Greenspan or John Kennedy or Gorbachev
For sure Faith restoration should be accompanied by resolute steps like fundamental Tax reform as Russia made more then 10 years ego, like service cancellation of privat Mortgage an Loan makers by establishing government lending business But what we can expect from people who even cannot kill such an "instrument" like Swap?

Interest Rates: The Zero Percent Solution

Fatekh Vergasov
Aug 29, 2010 12:43 PM GMT

I talk about thomas and you talk about jonas... Zero % means that there no finacial tool to manage crisis... Thats why my previous comment to this article put very symple dilema: Or government will lend money to people directly without help of financial institution, who don't want to follow government anticrisis policy, or Government should be prepared to feed people on the streets with help of tactical field kitchen... Is that tooooo symple for enlightened audience?

Fatekh Vergasov
Aug 29, 2010 12:39 AM GMT

Isn't it clear enough since 2007, that economical tools are not working adequately? Isn't it time to stop buying Financial sector's endlees stories about they difficulties and miseries? Isn't it time to use time-proved ald-style american administrative tool to make financial industry motivated to meet peoples needs? Isn't it time for Obama open special Agency and start giving loans, mortgages, etc. to people af America directly? I belive people will support such policy

Old Banks, New Lending Tricks
Fatekh Vergasov
Aug 10, 2009 7:18 AM GMT

Cause is deeper! Since Government put trillions dollars into bank's capital, these are tricks of Government, who does not want to act neither as big shareholder, nor as Government... Government even cannot stop Swaps... What are you expecting from them? So, now with such a bihaviour Government made themselves part of the problem... We still have posibility to dig even more deeper to ideogical level, i.e. to the basic ideas... At the same time I do understand how it is difficult to make changes by not changing basic ideas... Poor boys...

July 22. California got 30 billion dollars help (donation) from Federal Government

Commentary: States of Crisis

Fatekh Vergasov
Jul 17, 2010 10:45 AM GMT

Such a crisis is very dangerous politically... The root of the problem is in a different place. Feds allow themselves to have any budget deficit, but to themselves only. Because by Costitution Feds have right to mint (coin) the $, but prohibit this to other members of Federation, who may very soon come to a "fruitful" idea of separation So far it looks like Washington DC does not recognize this risk or they just prefer to play with fire

Bank of America's Good Works, on Your TV Screen

Fatekh Vergasov
May 1, 2010 1:21 AM GMT

It looks like Wolf always says: "Brother Rabbit you are guilty, because I've got hungry"... It is about 100% faults of the banks, who seduced people showing them readyness to approve any loan, any mortgage or giving them even just open-end-bond... Banks didn't care... They even don't need people to serve said loans, mortgages, etc. They even don't need any interest from this stuff You may ask why?
Because Banks use peoples obligations to pay as a basic legal ground to create derivatives Speculation with derivatives allow banks to raise many dozen times more in comparison with regular operations with loans, mortgages and other banal financial instruments American economy was pumped with said derivatives Innocent people cannot resist financial institutions, who are using full power of "cold war" arsenal of mass dumbing-down...

The One
Apr 30, 2010 12:29 PM GMT

its not all the bank's fault, people shouldnt get something that they KNOW they can not afford!

Fatekh Vergasov
Apr 30, 2010 4:14 AM GMT

Just several Reminiscences and topicalities
1. After banks effected our pockets, they try to touch our hearts
2. As better is business as less verbiage come from it, as less it appeal to the public
3. Every Cemetery is full of those who have glorious Past
4. If Business has money for such activity, it looks like I pay them toooooooooo much

Ken Lewis on Bank of America's Path Ahead

Fatekh Vergasov
Apr 28, 2009 3:55 AM GMT

By establishing 53% Rate of Debts to Value, BofA simply made impossiple to get any loan from them. Thats why he sais: "there is dramatic decline in demand...". Yes, it is. But, not because "consumers wanting to save and not spend"... This is because of trick with said rate... And so called "Regulators" looks like became blind again...

Why Banks Still Won't Lend
Fatekh Vergasov
Jan 13, 2009 12:10 AM GMT

Commercial Banks won't lend and never did so since 1929. They was simply paper-work offices, who more or less good made "dirty job" for big six... Second. Banks simply cannot lend because of American people, who prefer to cover they needs with only 2% of the own money and rest 98% from borrowing. Thats why Commercial Banks have 2% on CD accounts and for short term...
So they simply cannot lend 98% for long term... Before crisis commercial banks had Buyers for they "Paper works". But now those buyers just disappears... Nobody in US even have no idea how to restore said Buyers, without whom system will never work...
If Government does not want restor Buyers, it shoud became Buyer itself, what is economically good, but politicaly not Whats why toooo many words about lending but without any good result... But if the Goal is to make commercial banks bigger and welthy, everything is just ok!

It Sure Looks Like a Recession

Fatekh Vergassov
Mar 13, 2008 12:20 PM GMT

1. Recession, Recession, Recession... as more you talk about it as quickly it'll come, because you ruin Trust. Money is always about Trust
2. Stop that romantism, i.e. economimy will make any good by itself, i.e. without administrative tools and measures. For example, just compare existing mortgage rates with rates of Mr. Bernanke. It looks like we have deal with some kind of sabotage which is of nobody concern in this country
3. To restore Trust we need to return previous "financial Pope", probably...