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David Edward Scherman
1916 - Manhattan. Born in the family of William and Celia Scherman. Brother's Name - William H.
1923 - Wife - Rosemarie Redlich - was born
1933 - New Rochelle High school. Graduate
1936 - Dartmouth College. Alumnus
1936 - Life. Photographer
1938 - September 30, 01:30am. Munich Agreement was reached
1938 - October 01. Poland invade Cieszyn Silesia of Czech. Soviet-Polish Non-Aggression Pact of 1932 was automatically denounced
1938 - November 02. Hungary occupies substantial part of the Czech
1938 - November 02. First Vienna Award
1938 - Great Brittan. Everyday guest of the house of Lady Elizabeth Lee Miller - true love story.
1939 - March 23. Slovak-Hungarian War
1939 - March 26. Poland dismisses Nazi Germany complaint regarding Danzig
1939 - March 31. Poland got warranties for her independence from Great Britain and France
1939 - April 28. Nazi Germany denounces German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact
1939 - August 23. Moscow. Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact was sighed
1939 - August 25. Anglo-Polish military alliance was signed
1939 - September 01. (An official date of the beginning of WWII). Nazi Germany invades Poland
1939 - September 01. Polish Prime Minister of Poland Felicjan Sławoj Składkowski fled to Romania and was interned there
1939 - September 17. Soviet invasion of Poland, more exactly - Not Poland, but just almost empty territory without any Government and Army, but G
1941 - April 17. He survived the sinking of an ocean liner by a Nazi warship... Egyptian liner Zamzam took 201 survivors on board, but German vessel took them to Portugal cost
1941 - April 30. Released from German vessel
1944 - Survived two observation light-plane crashes...
1944 - Finally he got his true love - Lady Elizabeth Lee Miller
1954 - Son Antony was born
1956 - Son John was born
1972 - Life. "The best of Life". Editor
1997 - May 05. Stony Point, NY. Died at his home (Cause - cancer)
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